Meet $DOSHI, proud puppy of Satoshi.

First and only son of DOGE and SHIBA, take care of him, join the spatial r(evolutionary) phases!

Meet $DOSHI, proud puppy of Satoshi.

First and only son of DOGE and SHIBA, take care of him, join the spatial r(evolutionary) phases!

Once upon a time...

In a far-off galaxy, the enigmatic Satoshi Nakamoto, mastermind behind Bitcoin, cherished very much his space-faring dogs, $DOGE and $SHIB.

They brought forth an extraordinary puppy named $DOSHI, a Shiba Inu with iridescent blue fur and captivating cosmic eyes. Donning an advanced spacesuit, $DOSHI captivated the interstellar crypto community.

As $DOSHI matured, he harnessed his quantum abilities, outshining by far his parents in intelligence. He solved multidimensional puzzles, communicated telepathically, and predicted crypto prices with exact precision. Sensing $DOSHI‘s potential, Satoshi embarked on a mission to share blockchain and cryptocurrencies with the cosmos.

Together, they navigated wormholes and inspired technological advancement and financial freedom across civilizations. Satoshi together with the blue-furred space traveler $DOSHI, became the ultimate duo, spreading the decentralized premise throughout the galaxy!


Phase 1

The Liftoff 🚀

🌍 Smart contract deploy and liquidity pool
🌌 Marketing efforts

Phase 2

The Escape Velocity ⚡

🌠 $DOSHI Merchandise
🪂 Airdrop $HOODIE to the top 100 $DOSHI holders, that entitles you to 1 real $DOSHI branded limited edition hoodie, shipped anywhere in the world.
📈 $DOSHI dashboard & analytics tools

Phase 3

The Moon Landing 🌙

🎮 TamaDoshi – The Crypto Revolution of the Tamagotchi
🎭 Evolutionary NFTs and PvP mechanism.
💅 Cosmetics items and in-game usables.
🐶 Sponsor a premium puppy food brand – In the works
💎 Cosmic / Diamond – hands Staking Mechanism that benefit from paper-hands chicken-out with a innovative game theoretic mechanism.


Token supply (100T)
Liquidity Pool (Permanently locked)
CEX Listing, Marketing & Development

How to buy?

Step 1

Create a wallet

Go to the website, download the browser extension and follow the instructions.

Step 2

Fund it with ETH

This step is crucial. If you do not have ETH in your wallet you can either buy it directly from the browser extension using your credit card or buy ETH in an exchange (CEX) and credit the newly created wallet.

Step 3

Use the uniswap widget

You can now connect the browser extension of Metamask to the website’s widget or go to and paste the $DOSHI contract address into the dapp. Follow the Metamask prompts and you’re golden.

Step 4

Buy $DOSHI and enjoy

Sit back, relax and enjoy the $DOSHI ride to the moon!





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